Consulting Services

For Artists and Collectors of Prints, Photographs, and Ephemera

If you wish to transfer your archive or collection to an institution as a gift, sale, or combination of gift and sale I can make that goal a reality for you. I have extensive experience in acquiring photographs, graphic arts, and ephemera for major cultural institutions plus an international network of artists, collectors, dealers, appraisers, and attorneys that specialize in estate planning that I can draw on.  My services include:

Research, Placement, and Negotiation

  • Identify and contact the right institution that will appreciate, preserve and promote your archive or collection in perpetuity.
  • Make a presentation to an institution for you that will enunciate and maximize the strengths of your archive or collection in relation to the institution’s priorities.
  • Interpret the point of view of the institution as it evaluates your offer.
  • Advise you in the process of negotiating the transfer of your archive or collection to an institution throughout the entire process to a successful conclusion.
  • Find the right appraiser for your archive/collection, and suggest lawyers who specialize in estate planning.
  • Assist in deciding when or whether to transfer the copyright.

Organization, Storage, Preservation

  • Advise  about organizing, housing, and preserving your archive or collection. What needs to happen before your archive or collection is transferred to an institution? In most cases there will be very little physical work you will need to do.

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Photograph courtesy of Harold and Frances Murray Jones.